I’m not one for clickbait so my apologies to the esoteric group this pertains to. The quick and dirty of it is that you can’t use TIBCO’s ./config.sh tool for connecting the library to an external source like Amazon S3. Ordinarily the code is this:

$ ./config.sh config-library-external-s3-storage –bucket-name=MYBUCKET –access-key=MYACCESSKEY –secret-key=MYSECRET

This won’t work. Spotfire Server will try to connect and give you something like:

Connecting to the library…OK

Retrieving items from database…OK

Retrieving items from external storage…Unable to execute HTTP request: rai-exchangeai.s3-us-west

Is that a malformed URL for an Amazon S3 API call? You bet. Open up your configuration.xml and fancy your own URL by changing the region value to s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com. Spotfire doesn’t include an example in the installation guide so this is my gift to you.

Written by Lucas Wood
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