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Compatible Versions of TERR, RStudio and R

  • Do you know how to check which version of TERR is installed on your Spotfire installation?
  • Are you unsure of which versions of R or RStudio to download so that you know it lines up with TERR?
  • Did you have it all figured out but now you’ve upgraded and lost all the answers???

It’s important to understand which versions of TERR, RStudio and R are running on your computer.  TERR is compatibility tested with specific versions of RStudion and R, and you will want to install the same versions.  I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time because I always forget where this information is located, and I know other people would like a quick and easy reference as well.

TERR Versions

TIBCO has improved how users interact with TERR in the last few upgrades to make working with TERR easier, such as the addition of the TERR Tools option in the Tools menu, which will pull up this dialog.

TERR Tools

From here, you can launch the TERR Console, which will tell you what version of TERR you are working with.

TERR Version in App Data

This is easy and helpful.  However, the first time I opened the console in this way, I was confused.  You see, I have been working with Spotfire for a long time, and I trained myself to access the TERR console through Window Explorer using the file path shown below (you may have to unhide these folders).  When I run the TERR console from this location, a different version appears.

TERR Version in Program Files

TERR Version in Program Files

What?!?!?  How can that be?  Well, the path that goes through program files is from the original installation of Spotfire.  I’ve been through several upgrades since the original installation.  By checking this link to a TIBCO Community post, I can tell Spotfire 7.5 was the version originally installed on my machine because that is the version of Spotfire associate with TERR 4.0.02.  If you can’t get to that link, create a TIBCO Community account.  Click “Watch” to receive notifications when this article is updated.

In case you ever have doubts about where or which TERR console you are running, you can run the “Sys.getenv(“TERR_HOME”) to see where the console originates from.

Find TERR Path

As shown above, the console that runs from the Tools menu comes from this folder.



Now you know how to figure out what version of TERR you are running, so let’s move on to RStudio.


RStudio Versions

Most likely, you’ve downloaded RStudio to work on tutorials or code before bringing it into Spotfire.  TERR is compatibility tested against a specific version of RStudio.  Thus, it makes sense to install the same version of RStudio.  In order to figure out which version, go to the TIBCO support site.  From there, navigate to System Requirements  >  Select TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R as the product > Select your version.  Here is the requirements page for 4.3.0.  That page will specify the RStudio IDE Compatibility.  Speaking of which, I think I need to update my RStudio!

RStudio Compatibility

It can be difficult to find old versions of RStudio on the general download site, but if you go to the TIBCO site shown/linked to above, they usually keep a link to download the version you need.

While we are on the subject, I just want to note that you can configure RStudio to use TERR.  I’m not going to get into the details of that in this post, but here are two links to the TIBCO documentation — Link 1 and Link 2.

R Versions

Lastly, what version of R is your version of TERR built on?  You can find this information in more than one way.  You can run the “version” command in the TERR console from the Tools menu, as shown below.  Concatenating the major and minor numbers shown provides the R version.  This presentation is a bit cryptic, but it means R version 3.3.2 was used to test TERR version 4.3.0.

The command is “version” not “version()”. I made that mistake the first time I ran it.

You can also run the getRversion() function, which is faster and more direct.

R Versions


Whew!  That was a lot of information, but now it’s all in one place.  Now, I’ll have a quick and easy reference the next time I need this information!


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