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Upgrading Spotfire 7.0 to 7.6 (High Level)

This is a quick guide for upgrading to the latest version of Spotfire. I’m going to write this at a high-level so that Spotfire admins can benefit from a brief installation guide.

  1. Apply the latest hotfix to Spotfire 7.0.1 (HF-007 in my case)
    1. Download hotfix package
    2. Turn off Spotfire server
    3. Run hotfix.bat
    4. Turn on Spotfire server to check
  2. Install Spotfire 7.6
    1. Pick a new port
    2. Remember those node ports from the installation
    3. Run the upgrade tool
  3. Upgrade Spotfire upgrade tool

At this point I want to talk about some debugging I did:

  • After executing the upgrade tool, I got a fatal error saying that there was a duplicate row in the groups database. The duplicate row was the Automation Services group. At the expense of AS, I decided to go into the Administration Manager and simply delete that group. I’m not sure if AS will work after the upgrade but that was OK for me.
  • I got a bunch of warnings after the installation, one saying that I must install a MySQL5 database driver. I’ll check this afterward.

After the database has been successfully upgraded

  1. Run nm-setup.exe from the 7.6 installation folder
  2. Go into the deployment section of <your server>:<your port>/
  3. Upload the 7.6 deployment
  4. Upload the node deployment


3 thoughts on “Upgrading Spotfire 7.0 to 7.6 (High Level)

  1. Dan Lamas Reply

    Doesn’t this step “1. Run nm-setup.exe from the 7.6 installation folder” have to be run on a different server than the Spotfire Server?

    • Lucas Wood Reply

      Yes, it happened to work at the time I wrote the article but I haven’t done that again.

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