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Updated Keyboard Shortcuts to Sort by Multiple Columns in a Table

This is just a quick little entry about Spotfire keyboard shortcuts.

Before Spotfire version 7.5, you could use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Left Click to sort a table visualization using multiple columns.  That was before TIBCO began introducing left-click menus in addition to all the right-click menus.  In 7.9, they added a left-click menu to table visualization column headers, which meant you could no longer Shift + Left-click to sort by multiple columns.  It appeared the only path to sorting on multiple columns was thru the Properties dialog (dislike).

In actuality, the keyboard shortcut just changed.  Now, use Ctrl + Shift + Left-click to sort by multiple columns in a table visualization.  Thanks to TIBCO for publishing that in a support article this week.  People do read them!

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