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The Petroleum Analytics Meetup Launches in Houston

Where do O&G professionals come to learn about technology, data science, and new breakthroughs in the industry? Conferences and symposiums, right?
You’re probably thinking… Travel. All day sessions. Massive crowds. Long lectures.

I’ve found that the grand scale and the format of conferences can dampen any form of valuable interpersonal dialogue – which is usually the best way to learn. As unconventional development hinges on understanding the factors that drive high-return wells, fostering constructive collaboration is vital. I’ve seen that large-scale conferences have a gap in fostering these types of dialogues.

Petroleum Analytics Meetup

We created the Petroleum Analytics Meetup as a neutral ground for engineers, geologists, data scientists, and other data-driven individuals to come together and learn from each other
over some beer and pizza. This is the place to have deeper conversations that aren’t available during a large conference.

Technology partners focused on O&G were also a primary focus of ours as we conceptualized these meetups. With popular buzzwords floating around like AI, machine learning, data lakes, digital transformation, etc., how do we make sense of the innovation permeating the industry? By co-hosting these meetups with technology partners, we’re able to provide an environment for data-driven O&G professionals to not only learn from each other but to also experience some of the latest innovations across the industry.

No lectures, No PowerPoints, No Sales Pitches

By keeping presentations brief and by having domain experts available at breakout tables, anyone interested in engaging with the technology are free to do so, hopefully taking that information to spur their conversations.

This environment provides an opportunity for discovery—the opportunity to hopefully uncover gaps in their current approaches with an ultimate goal of emphasizing peer-to-peer learning as guided by technological experts.

By addressing the gaps that conferences create and by instilling technological themes for each meetup, we launched petroleum analytics meetups right here in downtown Houston.

The petroleum analytics meetup has landed! Join us at our next meetup here:

2 thoughts on “The Petroleum Analytics Meetup Launches in Houston

  1. Chris Ellis Reply

    Jeff, I’d be interested in sponsoring an event and can bring some of our partners as well. Great concept!

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