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Exporting Spotfire to PDF with Action Control Button

Recent Spotfire versions include the ability to export visualizations, pages, or the entire analysis into a PDF from the File menu or even with an Action Control button.  Finally!  Version 7.12 includes extremely user friendly customization options while previous versions require some IronPython code:  we will address both here.

The 7.12 version gives the user an interface for customization that we could previously only access via IronPython.  Spotfire has delivered what many users for years have clamored for, so check it out after the break…

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Jason is a Junior Data Scientist at Ruths.ai with a Master’s degree in Predictive Analytics and Data Science from Northwestern University. He has experience with a multitude of machine learning techniques such as Random Forest, Neural Nets, and Hidden Markov Models. With a previous Master’s in Creative Writing, Jason is a fervent believer in the Oxford comma.

Unscrambling the Spotfire Text Area

  • Are you frustrated with the Spotfire Text Area?
  • Are you just getting started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or jQuery?
  • Do you find all the different languages that can be implemented in Text Areas confusing?

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Guest Spotfire blogger residing in Whitefish, MT.  Working for SM Energy’s Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technology team!

During Development, Version-Saving is Key

One of the most frustrating things about Spotfire is when it crashes unexpectedly. This could be a result of a multitude of things unbeknownst to the user. In addition, there is no report to describe what caused the error and crash. Recently, I ran into this issue with a tab (or page) in my dashboard. Spotfire would crash if I:

  • left-clicked on the tab name,
  • tried to navigate to the page using a control property button,
  • or right-clicked on the tab to access the “delete page” option.
Since it’s not a good idea to leave this tab in the dashboard, I had to find a way to delete it. Fortunately, there is a way to do this in IronPython.
By running the following script, I was able to easily delete this “page”.
from Spotfire.Dxp.Application import Document
for page in Application.Document.Pages:</div>
     if (page.Title == 'Page'):
     print page.Id
Luckily, I had been saving previous versions during development and could reference an older version to rebuild this tab.