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How to set the Y-Axis in DCA Wrangler

To give you greater control when editing declines in the DCA Wrangler, we have added an option to lock the Y-Axis at a specific maximum. The ability to lock this axis gives us some neat follow on features.

  1. Fine control with the interactive decline curve editor in Single-Well mode.
  2. Ability to compare many declines with the same scale on the plot in Multi-Well mode.

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Robert Henkhaus is the Product Manager and a Developer at Ruths.ai. He has 5 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and was previously with ConocoPhillips supporting BD and Land in high value decision spaces. Robert has a BS in Geography with emphasis in Earth Science from Texas A&M University. Before completing school, he also served 8 years in the Army as a sniper.