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Spotfire Troubleshooting — CustomQuery: ‘TableName’ was not allowed to execute because it is not trusted

  • Have you run into a problem where a data table won’t open and is showing the error ‘The CustomQuery: ‘TableName’ was not allowed to execute because it is not trusted?’

I was aware the scripts would sometimes need to be trusted in DXP files, but I ran into an error message that I had never seen before related to trusting custom queries, so I thought I would share.  Here is the scenario:

  • Data connection into a database using a Custom Query
  • All users with a desktop license have permissions to build custom queries, so permissions was not a problem and the user had permissions on the database.
  • The DXP containing the query and the table in question had been opened several times before successfully without issue.  This popped up out of the ordinary.

It turns out that the solution is simple.

  1. Attempt to open the DXP
  2. When the pop up comes up stating the table cannot be found, click on the button that says to load anyway even though there might not be data.
  3. Go to the Edit menu, Data Connection Properties, select the connection and click the Settings button.
  4. Click Edit in the General tab to bring up the query.
  5. Select the query from the list of queries in the middle of the dialog box.
  6. Click the Custom Query button, click Edit and then click Verify.

Clicking Verify trusts the query.  I did speak with TIBCO support about this, and they didn’t know why it suddenly became untrusted, but this is the only fix.


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