• Are you having issues getting labels to appear on a feature layer in a map chart?

I ran into an interesting problem this week.  A user was working with a very detailed map chart.  It had at least 10 layers split up between marker layers and feature layers.  The user wanted to put labels on one of the feature layers that represented well paths (aka well sticks), but they wouldn’t show up.  I ran several tests trying to figure out the problem.  I put labels on other feature layers.  I created new, simpler maps with just this one layer.  I compared the settings with other feature layers that had labels.

As is quite often the case, the answer was in the data.  The table behind the feature layer didn’t have X and Y coordinate columns, and labels need the coordinates to know where to place the labels.  The sticks were placed correctly on the map without the x and y  coordinates, but the labels require them.  We needed to add  XCenter, XMax, XMin, YCenter, YMax and YMin to make the labels work. The moral of the story — Always check your data!

Written by Julie Schellberg of Big Mountain Analytics, LLC
Residing in Whitefish, MT, an analytics partner with Ruths.ai. Specializing in Spotfire analytics, dabbling in Power BI and R.