• Are you experiencing an issue where data won’t load from a spreadsheet into Spotfire?
  • Have you changed the original data type?

I ran into a strange troubleshooting issue this week that I think might be a bug in the software, but I haven’t submitted it to TIBCO yet for vetting.  I was working with a user who was loading data into Spotfire from a spreadsheet.  He had several columns that when loaded into Spotfire didn’t show any data.  In his spreadsheet, the columns were formatted as General, and Spotfire’s initial take on them was Real data type.  The user was changing the data type from Real to Integer in the spreadsheet import screen as shown here.

We found that if we simply let Spotfire import them as real and then changed them to Integer in a Transformation after the data was imported, it wasn’t a problem.  In theory, changing the data type in the Excel Import screen should be the same as a Transformation, but clearly it’s not.  If that had failed, I was going to try changing the formatting in Excel, but the Transformation took care of the problem.

Written by Julie Schellberg of Big Mountain Analytics, LLC
Residing in Whitefish, MT, an analytics partner with Ruths.ai. Specializing in Spotfire analytics, dabbling in Power BI and R.