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How to find the SQL query Spotfire sends to a database?

  • Are you having trouble with information links connected to SQL databases?
  • Would you like to see the details of the SQL query Spotfire sends to the database?

This week has been giant struggle trying to understand why one of my Spotfire projects slowed down to a crawl and started eating up memory.  To troubleshoot, I’ve been deep in the Spotfire logs, which is a space not many venture into.  You’ll find this post helpful if you ever need to get your hands on the SQL query Spotfire sends to the database.  Here’s what you need to do to get that information.

How To Find It

  1. Go into the Spotfire console > Monitoring & Diagnostics > Click on the logging level to change it.  In this case, change the debug logging from “Standard” to “Debug”. 
  2. Open the information link or run your on-demand query.
  3. Log on to the machine Spotfire server is installed on and drill down into the folders as shown.
  4. Open up the sql log file.
  5. Go to the bottom and search for the username that ran the query.  That’s where you will find the actual query sent to the database.  Knowing the time the query happened will also be helpful.
  6. Go back to the Spotfire console > Monitoring & Diagnostics > Change the debug logging back to “Standard”.  DO NOT LEAVE LOGGING ON DEBUG.

Make sure that you turn off debug logging.  If you don’t, the logs will grow in size and eventually eat up all the space on the hard drive, and Spotfire won’t load.  If I have time this week, I’ll put up another admin oriented post on the different ways SQL writes on-demand queries.

Spotfire Version

Content created with Spotfire 7.12.


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