Spotfire Property Controls – Difference between TRUE & FALSE when creating Column Properties

  • Have you ever wondered what the difference is between TRUE and FALSE when creating column properties attached to property controls?

When creating drop down property controls, specifically for drop downs populated by Column Names, if you want to select specific columns to populate the drop down (rather than all columns in a table), you must click the Select Columns button and also create a column property.  The column property will be setup with a Boolean value of true or false as shown in the screen shot below.

For quite a long time, I have thought a value of FALSE meant that any new columns that came into the data table would be excluded from the drop down, whereas a value of TRUE meant they would be included.  Now, I almost never want TRUE and have always used FALSE.  Thus, I was surprised recently when I created control with FALSE and new calculated columns started showing up.  I did a bit of testing and clearly what I thought to be true was not, so I wanted to update users on what the difference of TRUE/FALSE actually is.

The difference is small and subtle and a bit redundant.

Here is TRUE

When the column property is created with true, all of the columns are moved from left to right immediately after you click OK to create the column property.

Here is FALSE

When the column property is created with false, no columns are moved over.

This is a bit redundant because if the user doesn’t want all columns in the drop down, they don’t click the Select Columns button and they don’t create a column property.  In any event, it’s always good to learn new things, and now I have a blog post or two to update!  As always, I can be reached at for more info or questions.

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