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Spotfire Functions – Lines & Curves – Line from Data Table

  • Have you struggled with Lines & Curves?
  • Would you like to know what you can do with the Line from Data Table function?

This week’s post will dive into Line from Data Table.  Line from Data Table does a very simple thing — it adds a horizontal or vertical line to an existing visualization.  This is an extremely useful function for highlighting important dates, and I have used this feature several times to overlay well jobs on a production or downtime profile to see the impact of well jobs.  The only additional consideration you may need to give to Line from Data Table is to creating relations so that integrated filtering may be used.  Users will want integrated filtering so they do not have to filter in two places.

In order to show you how this works, we will overlap well jobs, represented by vertical lines, on top of production.  For this example, I have two tables, one table with production data called Prod Volumes Table, and one with a list of well jobs called Well Jobs Table.  My starting point (shown in the screenshot below) is a simple production plot with time on the x axis and oil prod on the y axis, and I will add two vertical lines, representing the start and end of a well job.

tables starting-point

The steps to add the Line from Data Table are:

  1. Create a relation on the UWI (unique well identifier). The relation is being created so that I can enable integrated filtering.  Without integrated filtering, the user would have to filter the well in both data sets, which is inefficient.add-relation
  2. After the relation is created, a grid appears in the filter panel next to the tables.  Left click on the grid in the Well Job Table.  Change the setting from Ignore Filtering to Include Filtered Rows only.  This will connect filtering between the two tables so that you can filter on the well name in the production table, and the same well will be filtered in the well job table.  filter-settings
  3. Add the line plot by right clicking on the visualization > select Properties > select Lines & Curves > Click the Add button > select Vertical Line > select Line from Data Table
  4. Select the data table and the column name.  Include any columns you would like to have as a label.  Also, I highly recommend including a custom label.  In this case, I have added labels for the Job End Date and the Job Type.   label-and-tooltip-setup
  5. Customize the line as desired in terms of format
  6. CLick the Label and tooltip button and configure the label and tooltip.  Note that the columns selected are now shown here.  If you add more or change them, this dialog will update.label-and-tooltip-setup-2
  7. Repeat the steps for the Job Start Date

The end result should look like this


Now, you may notice that there are all sorts of jobs in this data set — drilling, completions, well work, etc.  I am fairly certain it is not possible to filter out, say, Drilling and Completion jobs.  Integrated filtering is achieved via relations.  We added a relation on the UWI so that we could filter only in the Prod Volumes table, and the Well Job table would also be impacted and only show the jobs for the corresponding well.  I don’t have a corresponding column in the Prod Volumes table for the Job Type.  I can’t create a relation and filter them out.  If I am wrong, please correct me in comments.

I also want to note that I have not used any column matches to create this result.




4 thoughts on “Spotfire Functions – Lines & Curves – Line from Data Table

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  2. Man Yee Reply

    In Spotfire 10.0, there is no “Column for label and tooltip”. May I ask how can I display the y-axis value as label on the chart ?

    • Julie Sebby Post authorReply

      I am in Spotfire 10.2. I added a Line from Data Table and in the dialog, I see “Data table with line positions”, “Column:”, and “Columns for label and tooltip”. It should be the last one, Columns for label and tooltip.

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