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Spotfire Error — Not able to access the database under the current security context

  • Are you seeing the error “Not able to access the database under the current security context”?
  • Have you granted permissions on the database/data source but are still getting an error?


I ran into this error recently when trying to open an information link connected to a SQL database.  I had seen “login” or “access” errors before when database permissions had not been set up on the Spotfire service account, but this error was just slightly different.  Unsurprisingly, Spotfire has more than one error message for login or permission errors.

In this particular case, I was trying to access a view on a database that was sourced from another database.  The service account had permissions on what I was trying to access directly, but not on the database those views were sourced from.


This error message, in particular, is a flag that you don’t have permissions on the ultimate data source.  Grant permissions on the true source of the data, and the issue resolve.

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