• Have you ever wanted to quickly understand how many DXPs an information link is connected to?
  • Have you ever worried about deleting an information link and breaking DXPs?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’ll love this little menu option.  I’ve used Spotfire for years but never really paid attention to the option “Find All References” when right clicking on an information link.  (Please excuse my quick and dirty form of editing out information).  As you can see in the screen shot below, you may right click on any information link in the library, select ‘Find All References’, and Spotfire will tell you all the DXPs using that information link.  Now, note that this is only querying the Spotfire library.  If users have saved the DXP on their hard drive or a shared drive, this feature won’t catch those, but it’s still a nifty option, especially if  you are just asking the general question of — is anyone using this???

Written by Julie Schellberg of Big Mountain Analytics, LLC
Residing in Whitefish, MT, an analytics partner with Ruths.ai. Specializing in Spotfire analytics, dabbling in Power BI and R.