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How to set the Y-Axis in DCA Wrangler

To give you greater control when editing declines in the DCA Wrangler, we have added an option to lock the Y-Axis at a specific maximum. The ability to lock this axis gives us some neat follow on features.

  1. Fine control with the interactive decline curve editor in Single-Well mode.
  2. Ability to compare many declines with the same scale on the plot in Multi-Well mode.


In the DCA Wrangler, go to View Options. This is the panel where we can adjust the streams, models, curve editor, and axes drawn in the plot window for Single and Multi-Well modes.

Previously, interactively editing the decline curve could put you in a situation where the Y-Axis can really ‘take-off’! In order to make fine adjustments without the Axis slipping, we have added the “Max Y-Axis Value (sets Min Y-Axis to 0.01)”.

With the setting on, you can also review multiple decline curves with the same scale by switching back to Multi-Well mode.

Please keep up the great feedback! If you haven’t used the DCA Wrangler before, check it out here.

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