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Scripts Not Running After Trusting All

  • Did you click the Trust All button to trust scripts but the scripts aren’t working?
  • Does it seem like the trust script functionality in Spotfire isn’t working?

I ran into issues trusting scripts recently when I downloaded a file from TIBCO support with JavaScript and IronPython script embedded in the DXP.  Clicking the Trust All button didn’t seem to trust the scripts.  I had to go into Document Properties and actually run them to get them to work.  Now, it turns out the problem was user error, but subsequently, 2 other people I sent this file to made the same mistake.  If the three of us ran into this problem, so will other users.


I clicked the Trust All button when prompted, but the button the script was attached to didn’t even appear as a button (shown below).  As mentioned, in order to get the button to appear and function, I had to go into the scripts and run them.




As it turns out, operator error created the problem.  I did exactly what many users do.  I clicked too quickly.  The box below is what pops up anytime a DXP contains untrusted scripts.  I clicked the Trust All button and clicked Ok.  However, the DXP contained IronPython and JavaScript.  I simply did not notice there are two tabs.  You must click the Trust All button in both tabs.  I am an experienced user, and I made this mistake.  I can easily see how unfamiliar users would miss this.


After clicking Trust All in both tabs, the button was active and connected to the scripts. BAM! Problem solved.


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