Data Science & Analytics Announces Name Change to

I am very proud to announce the next chapter in the story of Ruths Analytics and Innovation.  As of today, we are changing our name from to

Our company’s journey has culminated in the creation and deployment of the industry’s first Analytics Delivery Engine: allows customers to integrate disparate oil and gas data types, execute modern petroleum workflows, and collaborate with peers like never before.  The platform amplifies oil and gas talent with next generation technology.

When I started in 2013, I wanted to make the premiere data science company in oil and gas. I loved solving complex problems, using machines, and the deep connection that could be made between the human and virtual, computational worlds.

We’ve helped bring platforms online in the Gulf of Mexico, worked internationally from unconventional to conventional, heavy oil, light oil, bitumen, shallow water, deep water, onshore, water flood, and gas flood; many traps, commingled pay zones and extraction techniques. We’ve worked in drilling, reserves, completions, production, portfolio management, subsurface, artificial lift, EOR, and A&D.  Through it all, we learned that existing platforms are not intelligent enough, don’t know enough about the reservoir, and require too much fundamental building to reach a meaningful use case.  Through our templates, extensions and training, we witnessed the coming deluge of disparate data and disconnected workflows.  There is a wide gap between the data we are collecting and the delivery of data-driven workflows.

This is why we made We’ve been building and delivering not only a new way of organizing your information, but a new way to run the E&P business – one built solidly on data and the information that can be extracted from it. We care about the workflow, the journey that knowledge takes from the source to the board room, recognizing the myriad of what-ifs that must happen along the way.

In order to deliver on the vision, we have assembled a great team of doers and thinkers that fundamentally care about the technology opportunities in energy and how we get it done. Hossam Elbadawy (Board Member, SCF), Dr. Mark Zoback (Technical Advisor, Stanford), Richard Gaut (CFO), Dr. Derek Ruths (Chief Data Scientist), Theo Kambouris (VP Sales), and Charles Connell (VP BD) drive innovation, new ways of thinking, and execution at all levels of

We are a team that recognizes effort and attitude in a discipline that is very cerebral. is a true team effort – collaboration is not just in our software but also deep within the genetics of our company. As we open the doors to, I hold deep appreciation for all the employees that helped make a leader in the space – especially Lucas Wood, the father of, Rosemary Ruths, the mother of DataShopTalk, and Kyle LaMotta, the founder of DataFuel. We have rolled all these digital communities under our framework, and existing customers will have full continuity of products and services. is an evolution on our previous approach and a dawn on a new era for everyone at our company.  By delivering new insights with each iteration of our offering, we’ve earned the right to serve our customers time and time again. Our customers are much more than users, they are a community of development partners who have been on this journey alongside us. For this, we will always be grateful.

These are exciting times for everyone who has joined the journey early on. We have the best team, the best clients, the best financial partners, the best advisors – and now the best platform to solve this problem and bring true leadership to the space.

We are convinced that is a cornerstone of the digital oilfield; we are excited to fully align our company, product, mission – and now name – in this great pursuit.

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