Data Science & Analytics Pub Crawl: Review and Reflection

When we launched petroleum analytics meetups in Houston this past summer, we had a vision to take them on the road as well — one O&G town at a time. Our meetups are a great way for engineers and geologists to come together as one petroleum analytics community to connect, learn, and share ideas.

We picked cities where we had clients, conferences, and new connections we wanted to make. The 2019 Pub Crawl kicked off in Dallas, followed by Midland, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Denver, Calgary, and ultimately back home for one last event in Houston.

However, the reality is that things weren’t all rainbows and unicorns. Calgary resulted in being one of the most interesting destinations from a logistics perspective. Upon arriving in the city the day before the ATCE conference, we not only landed in the middle of a record-setting snowfall for Calgary, but our airline left behind our checked baggage in Houston! After multiple calls with airline representatives (and quite a few false promises), we were finally able to receive the bags just thirty minutes before the start of the morning of ATCE… Only to battle the snow-laden traffic on the way back from the airport. Talk about being fashionably late!

In Closing

40,000 miles, 7 Cities, 2 countries, and 1 drone giveaway later, the Pub Crawl has come to a close. We had a wonderful time taking the petroleum analytics meetup across the continent and are excited for what the rest of the year will bring. Thanks to our partners Biota, TIBCO, and Cordax for co-hosting with us along the way. Stay tuned for more exciting things to come!

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