CRISP-DM Business Understanding: Creating Buy In


Welcome to the next installment of our Analytics Journey, which explores how we at apply the CRISP-DM method to our Data Science process.   Previously, we looked at an overview of the CRISP-DM methodology as a whole.

For our initial step along the journey, we will examine the stage of Data Understanding, followed by Data Preparation, Modeling, Evaluation, and Deployment.  As we explore the process, we hope you follow on the journey and consider how the steps might apply to your company, department, or even simply a current project you are working on.

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The CRISP-DM Methodology

Welcome to the first in a series of posts dedicated to the Analytics Journey.  More specifically, we will demonstrate how we at incorporate the industry-proven methodology, CRISP-DM, into our data science life cycle.  Over the ensuing posts, we will take the reader along each step of the journey’s path from beginning to end . . . and beginning to end . . . the Analytics Journey never truly ends, only optimizes . . .

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Guest Blog: Limiting by a Property Control for Multiple Axes

Avi Levy is a Business Support Analyst for Roche Products Ltd. up in the UK! Today Avi will be sharing some lessons learned regarding Spotfire Controls and Document Properties.

If you’ve mastered property controls to the point where you’re able to manipulate the $esc and $map functions with ease, look away now, as this post is for someone like me who struggled with this initially. There are several different forums and websites which give great snippets of information about doing X or Y in Spotfire, but personally I sometimes find them really hard to understand as they can be brief to the point of mystifying, and so it can be really frustrating to learn how to do a very specific thing. And that’s what I’m going to show you – selecting multiple items in a list box filter and them all showing up on the axis you want.

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