TERR Scripts to Read/Write to MS Access

Ruths.ai recently published a free template on the Ruths.ai Exchange that reads and writes data from/to MS Access.  Under the covers, you’ll find two property controls and two data functions working with the RODBC package.  Now, we know that templates are good, but being able to replicate the work is better.  Users want to be able to recreate that functionality in their own files, which is why I am writing this post to explain the code and how everything fits together so you can recreate this functionality in your own DXP files.  Before reading any farther, use this link to download a copy of the template and familiarize yourself with how it works.

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Spotfire Filters Don’t Recognize Special Characters

It’s FRIDAY!!!  I know you are all looking forward to the weekend, but I learned something new again this week and wanted to share it. This little tip is related to filers and special characters.

List Box Filters & Special Characters

I noticed a long time ago that the Spotfire list box filter (and presumably text filters) don’t respond to special characters, as shown below.  I didn’t really know what to do about it until recently.Search without special characters Search with special characters


It turns out, the solution is really simple.  Just ignore the special character.  Don’t type it, and the search function in the filter will work.

Special characters solutoin


Data Science Toolkit Improvements

This week, I was able to test out the latest and greatest changes to the Ruths.ai Data Science Toolkit.  New options and features allow users to easily split test and training data sets prior to model building, as all good data scientists should!  This new functionality speeds up your analysis by making model build and evaluation faster and more efficient.  I worked up this video to demonstrate.

 Data Science Toolkit for Spotfire

The Data Science Toolkit brings the power of advanced data science to Spotfire.  Ruths.ai designed it with simplicity and efficiency in mind to support a wide range of analytics applications. This extension is coupled with comprehensive training that provides both beginner and experienced users a strong foothold in data science analysis.  The Data Science Toolkit is available to Premium subscribers.  Once deployed on your Spotfire server, quickly and easily access the toolkit via the Tools menu as shown below.  Find out more, including videos, at this link.

Data Science Toolkit menu

Please feel free to reach out to me or anyone else on the Ruths.ai team to learn more about this amazing product.  We love to talk about it!