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One-Stop Tool for Viewing Subsurface and Well Trajectories in 3D

If you are a petroleum engineer and you have Spotfire installed on your computer, you’re further ahead than you realize. Sound strange? Here’s the hint:

Spotfire can be your tool for:

  • visualizing and analyzing 3D subsurface map and
  • diagramming well trajectory

And you can do all that in one environment.

Now, I’m guessing you thought that those analyses could only be done with some high-end expensive software from say Schlumberger, Halliburton, IHS, or Baker Hughes; not anymore. has developed a plug-in that, when installed in Spotfire, can assemble, interpret and represent seismic and directional survey data graphically to give an accurate visual impression of sub-surface map and well path:

Here is a screen shot of what I’m talking about:

As a petroleum engineering data analyst, I have used different tools in the industry for studying the landing points of wells and for evaluating distribution of various properties on surfaces; and none comes as equally handy in simplicity, ease-of-use, data manipulation power, connectivity to diverse sources, graphical representation and yielding of return-on-investment as the 3D Subsurface Visualization extension.

Because it’s developed in Spotfire, 3D Subsurface Visualization leverages Spotfire’s marking and filtering features to offer a differentiating platform capable of slicing and dissecting data for analysis without the frequent import-export processes found when using most other software packages.

In a tight-budget environment with unpredictable oil prices, this is the perfect way a reservoir engineer/ asset development team can do more with less.

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  1. Malini Sampangi Reply


    Can you please post a video with sample data how to get this visualization.

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