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New Result Tables workflow in DCA Wrangler

We’ve added a slick new feature to help you manage all that Well Decline and Type Curve data in Spotfire. Result Tables in the DCA Wrangler represent the current working set of data produced by the DCA Wrangler. In this article, I will show you how to:

  1. Add multiple Result Tables of the same type and target each separately.
  2. Compare different decline assumptions for the same set of wells – with the ability to tweak parameters.

In the DCA Wrangler, go to Tables > Configure to open the Result Table configuration panel.

This panel allow you to generate and refresh various data tables to Spotfire from the DCA Wrangler visualization. Selecting the DCA Well Header Table and the Add Tables to Page option, I can add the header results of the current working set of wells I have declined.

Notice the Table Name for the data table I have just generated, ‘Autocast DCA’. This corresponds to the default name in Configuration Options I have chosen. Our slick new feature is right here! Let’s add another table by typing a new name here in the configuration options.

I can add as many table as I need. I can then retarget produced tables by putting the name back in. Check out the GIF:

This feature is really useful, here are some examples:

  1. If we want to compare different assumptions in our decline parameters for a set of wells.
  2. If we are looking to compare the performance of analog wells to new wells.

Below, I have my two cases (one with Dmin of 0.06, the other with 0.08). After relating the two Result Tables, I added some bar charts to analyze the effects of my change in Dmin on my set of wells.

The possibilities are wide when employing the new Result Table workflow!

Let us know how you are using it!

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