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What Do Cancer Models Have to do with Oil and Gas?

Dr. Luay Nakhleh, J. S. Abercrombie Professor of Computer Science at Rice University, spoke at the second Petro Community event on the importance of accounting for uncertainty when modeling complex systems like cancer growth or well performance.

Insights gained from one domain, like computational biology, can often be leveraged in other domains, like petroleum analytics, because they uncover better ways of modeling complex data to discover patterns and make more informed observations.

“Computer scientists get training in modeling and formulating problems,” states Dr. Nakhleh. “A model is an abstract representation of a system to explain some of its features, and how detailed a model is depends on the questions being asked.”

Watch more of Dr. Nakhleh’s talk to discover how he deals with modeling uncertainty in his research. Do you think this resonates with your work in oil and gas? Why or why not?

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