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Marking from a Drop down menu

Need to instigate marking from a dropdown Spotfire control?

  • Document.Data.Markings[“Marking”].SetSelection(dataTable.Select(“[label] = ‘${dropDownValue}'”),dataTable)

You’ll only need to pass one parameter in, the data table that you are marking. I’ll show how this is setup and I’ll attach the DXP:

First, get your table and your dropdown.

Then setup your Property Control for the drop down. Additionally, you will need to setup a script that fires when the drop down value changes.

Create a new script for this “listener” code.

Paste in the code and create the script parameters.

1 thought on “Marking from a Drop down menu

  1. Shivam Sarin Reply

    Hi Lucas,

    Do you know if it’s possible the other way round. I mean I make a selection in my table and my drop down gets updated accordingly?

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