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IronPython to reset all tags

For a recent project, we wanted the user of a Spotfire template to be able to reset all the tags, including both built-in tags and tags the user may have added, with a single click.

One solution is to use an IronPython script to reset each tag collection in the template, keeping in mind that, if we hard-code the names of the tags to reset, we won’t be able to handle cases where users have added custom tags. In order to reset tags that may be added later on, we can use Spotfire’s IronPython API to identify and reset tag columns on the fly.

Here is what the code looks like in Spotfire:

And in more copy/paste-friendly format:

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import *
from System import Array

for table in Document.Data.Tables:
    for column in table.Columns:
        if str(column.Properties.ColumnType) == “Tags”:
            tagCollectionName = column.Properties.Name
            tagColumn = column.As[TagsColumn]()
            tagNames = Array[str](tagColumn.TagValues)

Notes on the code:

This script loops over all the tables in the Spotfire analysis and checks the type of each column. When we locate a tags column, we extract the name of the tag collection, as well as any associated tags, drop the column from the data table, and create the tags collection anew. We can use this approach to reset all tags with one command because, by default, all datapoints are untagged when a “new” tag collection is created. The script will reset all tags in the analysis, including custom tags added by the user, and it will simply exit quietly if there are no tags. There are no input/output parameters for this script, but we could use input parameters to apply the same tag-resetting logic to a specific subset of the data.

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