How to Remove Title from DCA Wrangler

Right now there isn’t a way to take the title off the DCA Wrangler visualization. It takes up some space so it would be nice to tighten it up a bit. Here’s a quick IronPython script that will easily unflag the ShowTitle attribute:

Remember, once you write the script, you’ll still need to press OK to make it permanent and go through the whole process of creating a button. Only then can you delete the button and keep it the way you want. This procedure works for any custom visualization.

Finished product!

2 thoughts on “How to Remove Title from DCA Wrangler

  1. Rick Smothermon Reply

    Hi Lucas,

    This is really helpful — given that the DCA Wrangler “Type Curve” Tab no longer fits correctly in the new Spotfire X layout. Since I now have to remove the DCA Wrangler title on every project (in order to see the X-axis), is there a way to keep from having to create this script each and every time I start a new analysis?


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