Happy 100th Blog, Julie Schellberg/Sebby

Just wanted to put up a shout out to Julie on her 100th blog. When we started DataShopTalk in Fall 2015, we had no idea how much traction and support we’d get from the community. DataShopTalk was always intended to fill the void of technical Spotfire/BI work in the oil and gas space and we are so surprised how well it’s done.

Especially from out contributors, among them Julie Schellberg now Sebby, started writing in August 2018, her first article was something about OVER commands. A consistently mysterious feature of Spotfire, Julie has tackled it and many others over the past two years.

This post is dedicated to Julie’s commitment to the Spotfire and BI community and we wish her happy writing and may her Spotfire never crash.

Technical Director at Ruths.ai

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