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Error — Current thread does not have an open read transaction

  • Do you receive the error — The current thread does not have an open read transaction — when trying to Refresh a table with prompt?


I am currently seeing the error shown below in Spotfire 7.9.1 when I try to Refresh tables with prompt.

Error message


I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone with TIBCO support on this issue.  We have finally figured out the culprit is the Replace Values transformations that I added via the Data Panel.  In case you aren’t familiar with this feature (now a bug), double-click on a cell of data.  You may double-click in either the Data Panel, the Details on Demand Panel, or a Table Visualization.  A menu will appear allowing you to replace that value.  I’ll put up a more detailed post on this feature shortly with a link, but for now, here are the screenshots after double clicking to change a value.

Cause of error

And here, you can see the Replace value transformation in the Data Panel Source View.  Error in data panel



The temporary workaround is to remove the transformation and use a case or If statement in an expression instead.  Now that TIBCO knows about this error, hopefully, they will deploy a hotfix shortly.  When they do, I will update the post.

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    • Julie Schellberg of Big Mountain Analytics, LLC Post authorReply

      Support says they may NOT put out a hotfix because the issue is fixed in 7.11, but that’s not definite, just a possibility.

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