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Helpful Tips for Editing Spotfire Tables via the Data Panel

  • Have you had difficulty using the Data Panel to edit Transformation steps?
  • Have you lost the ability to edit Transformations in the data table but do not known why?
  • Does the Data Panel show you an error message that says — “No data can be shown for this step because the entire data table has been embedded.”

TIBCO has added many great features to the Data Panel in the last couple of releases.  One of those is the ability to edit Transformations and modifications to tables thru the Data Panel.  However, this functionality has some hangups.  A user contacted me with issues using these features and functions.  My answer was detailed enough that I thought it warranted a blog post.

Intro to Data Panel Source View

Here is an example of the Data Panel open in Source View.  As you can see, I haven’t done much to this table.  I’ve simply added it and then deleted a column of data.  Right now, my table is “Linked” to the analysis.  The “Linked” part is critical.  As long as the analysis is linked, I have the ability to delete or edit the Delete columns operation.



In the screenshot below, I have changed the analysis from “Linked” to “Embedded”.  Now, notice the trash can icon is gone.  I no longer have the ability to edit it.  If I switch the Store data from “Embedded” back to “Linked”, I will have the ability to delete it again.  I can toggle back and forth between “Linked” and “Embedded” and not permanently lose that editability.  However, and this is big…if I save the analysis, I will permanently lose the ability to edit the Delete columns operation.  I won’t be able to toggle back and forth between “Embedded” and “Linked”.


What I thought was most interesting was the message in the Data tab of the Source view.  This message only appears after I embedded it, saved it, closed it, reopened it.  I did not see this message in the Data tab of the Source View until I reopened the DXP.



That’s my little tip for the week.  I will have another post coming out to discuss a Spotfire architecture hack I discovered when I had to rebuild the same project 3x.  I know FUN!!!

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