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Default Color Schemes for a Specific Column

  • Are you a Spotfire business author or dashboard developer for your company?
  • Do you often use the same columns throughout your visualizations?
  • Do you typically set a standard color scheme for each value in a column?
  • Are you tired of manually setting your document color scheme only to have the colors revert back to a Spotfire default?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this tip is for you!

Most of you already know that you can set predefined colors by opening the properties of the visualization and following the steps provided in this TIBCO help article. However, here’s a trick you that requires even less mouse clicks:

  1. Create a visualization and use the column you wish to predefine with a color scheme in the Color by feature. (Tip: Bar Charts can be used for this)
  2. In the properties window of this visualization, go to Colors, select the column to color by and set the Color Mode to Categorical. Set your colors for each value.
  3. Next, click the icon that opens the menu for predefined color scheme (see yellow highlighted button below). Then, go to Save As > Document Color scheme… to save the color scheme for this column.

I know, this seems a bit tedious, but at least you’ll only have to do it once! (for that column of values)

  1. Now, you can set this color scheme as the default used each time the column is used to color the values in the visualization throughout the dashboard without opening the properties window each time!
  2. In Edit > Column Properties, select the data table that contains the column you need to set with predefined color scheme.
  3. Under Columns and hierarchies, select the column name.
  4. Under the Properties tab, select the DefaultColorScheme Property appropriate for the column then click the Edit… button. (See highlighted areas in image below).

  5. In the Value field, enter the name of the document color scheme you saved from a previous step and click OK.

Remember to click Apply and before clicking OK to close out of the Column Properties.

Now, go on and brighten up that dashboard!

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