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Could data sets make your Spotfire project load faster?

  • Are you looking for a way to speed up opening your Spotfire projects?
  • Is your data static or only updated occasionally?
  • Are users in one location accessing files stored in a different location?

Many folks don’t know Spotfire allows users to import data into the Spotfire library and then access that data as a “data set”.  I began working with data sets while giving Spotfire training to field offices across the country.  For training examples, I connected DXPs to Excel files residing on a server in Denver, but my users were in Billings, Tulsa, Houston, etc.  Opening those Excel-based DXP files took a long time, so I converted the Excel files to a Spotfire data set for faster loading.  The only downside is that data sets are static.  They are not a live connection.  Thus, data sets should replace files only if the data is static or infrequently updated.  It could be a very good choice for targets or quarterly, even monthly updates.


Export to Import a Data Set

In the Spotfire library, data sets have a different icon from DXP files.  They look like this…

If you aren’t familiar with loading a data set to the Spotfire library, here are the steps.  You actually export in order to import..

  1. Load the Excel, text or Access table as you normally would (ODBC or Open from File).
  2. Once the data is loaded, go to File > Export > Data to Library to save the data set to the library.
  3. Then simply replace the Excel, text or Access table with the data set by adding “Data from Library” as shown below.
  4. If/when the data needs to be updated, follow steps one and two again and save over the data set.  The connection to the DXP should still be good.


Spotfire Version

Spotfire version 7.9.1 was used to develop this content.

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