• Have you ever wanted to make “permanent” changes to Spotfire based on your preferences?
  • Have you ever “lost” calculated columns?
  • Is repeated formatting frustrating?

Configuring User Preferences

If you answered yes, then watch this video on configuring user preferences.  This week, I worked with several users who were unaware of the variety of settings and options available in the Tools > Options menu.  When I showed them what to change, they were shocked at what they had been missing.  Therefore, I created a quick video demonstrating which settings to change in the Tools > Options menu.

When changes are made via Tools > Options, the current analysis session is not affected but all future analysis sessions will be.  Also, save the DXP after updating the Tools > Options menu in order to apply them.  If you close the DXP without saving, the settings will be lost.

Written by Julie Schellberg of Big Mountain Analytics, LLC
Residing in Whitefish, MT, an analytics partner with Ruths.ai. Specializing in Spotfire analytics, dabbling in Power BI and R.