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Changing the Colors of Spotfire Controls

In Spotfire 7.0 you should be able to change the colors of links easily.

Coloring Action Controls

To create a custom colored link, perform the following:

  1. Create an action control and set the control type to “Link“.

  2. Enter into “Edit HTML” mode, highlight the newly created action control and press Format.

  3. Change the color of the link.

Coloring Spotfire Calculated Values

For Spotfire Controls, this is trickier. To change the color of Spotfire Labels you have to spoof it by making rules.

  1. Create a new calculated value.

  2. You’ll notice that from the editor you can’t control color, only font type, size, and font decorations.

  3. Go back into the Calculated Value Settings. Since you can’t change the formatting of the calculated value from the editor, you’ll need to make a rule.

  4. Presto! Happy editing.

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