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Kickstart analytics: Five Things You Need


First, gather the people –  get a team together. Find people who are onboard with your idea and are willing to put in a little extra effort to build an efficient workflow. Recruit people who understand the work processes and are willing to champion the movement towards achieving better data and better quality. For example, members on your team could include a subject matter expert, a data scientist, developer, and IT/Business Analyst.

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5 Simple Prep Steps for Multivariate Analyses

Trust me, I get excited about a new data set just like anybody. I just want to tear straight to the good stuff and find those hidden correlations and to use all my fancy tests and methods. But before you get to that point, it’s important to run important preparation on your data – each a critical “Prep Step” that can save you time, rework, and wrong conclusions down the line.

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Spotfire and SharePoint

Here’s where the sum’s greater than the parts.

When TIBCO combined the titan-like powers of Spotfire 4.0 and Microsoft SharePoint, they unleashed more than they bargained for with SharePoint WebPart.  I’ve found that the integration of these platforms has more going for it than just leveraging visualizations and sharing them across industry-wide teams.

The real revolution is in data analysis and collaboration.

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