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Calculating Call and Put Option Price Using Spotfire

We often use Excel templates to calculate the Call and Put option prices with required parameters and the relationship between the parameters are expressed in Excel Functions. One tricky problem with the Excel Function is that if you change the cell position, accidentally click on a wrong cell, or if you want to export the results and utilize the templates again, the embedded functions may change accordingly and generate wrong answers.

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Master of Statistics candidate of Rice University with undergraduate degree in Financial Statistics and Risk Management.
Strong background in R, SAS, SQL, finance, economics.
Career interests in: Data Scientist, Consulting, Investment Banking.
Energetic, enthusiastic, quick learner.

Delivering a Cohesive Financial Dashboard

Financial dashboards can be tricky.

Most analysts have the information they need but the problem is there’s no uniformity in the sources. You might have data that’s formatted differently or from some other software. And all these disparate sources need to be merged together somehow to create a final report. Let me give you some examples from my own experience:

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