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Administrating Spotfire — Caching Calculated Columns

  • Have you ever noticed that when Spotfire opens, the loading data messages reference embedded data even though your data is linked?  What’s that all about?

I was in Denver last week delivering training, so I didn’t post anything, but what’s a better time and place to write a blog post than the plane home.  This week I wanted to showcase a setting in the Administration Manager that most Administrators should consider changing.  It’s shown below, and I have set the value to False, away from the default of True.  This is located in the Administration Manager > Preferences tab, Application in the list > Persistence setting.

Most Spotfire users are aware that data can be linked or embedded.  However, not a lot of folks know that regardless of whether your data source is linked or embedded, all calculations are in fact embedded or cached in the .DXP file, at least by default.  That is why when the file is loading, some of the load messages reference embedded data, even though the data is linked. Changing the Persistence setting will change this default behavior so that calculated columns are not cached.  They will still update anytime the DXP file is reloaded, refreshed, or reopened.  This should result in smaller file sizes.


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