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A Custom Menu Style Kickstarter Cont…

Using CSS in the HTML editor to customize the text area is a nice trick for making a custom menu. In a previous post, I shared the CSS code (stored in a JavaScript) that I used for the menu of ‘buttons’ that are clickable links to other tabs (or pages) in Spotfire. This post is meant to be a continuation of the Custom Menu Style Kickstarter post.

Let’s begin by looking at the HTML script from my HTML Editor:


Notice that each DIV class calls a CSS style attribute and contains the text for the button. Note, also, that there are id attribute values for the buttons. You do not need the id attributes unless you intend to make each box a clickable link that leads to another page. The last DIV class contains the control action that is used in the button function. Notice that the id attribute values reference theses hidden Spotfire Control IDs. This last DIV class is also not required, if you are just simply styling the text area to look like buttons without the need for clickable functionality. A future post will discuss how to set up this type of hidden button functionality.

The resulting custom menu should look something like this:


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