3 Ways to Create Visualizations in Spotfire

In Spotfire, the most used tool are your visualizations. They are going to be the way that we visualize information, taking the data that you’ve brought in and depicting it in a way that makes sense and creates insights. I am going to show you the three different ways you can access the visualizations through Spotfire.

From the Quick Access bar

When you are opening Spotfire, you should notice the top bar right in the middle of the screen. The visualization icon bar gives you easy access to all the visuals in Spotfire; from Bar Charts to Well Logs and the hundreds of variations in between.

Note: Spotfire has a “Recommended Visualization” icon on the top bar as well.  This will give you recommended visual, based on your data you have.

From the Right-click (Context) Menu

FYI, this option is only available when you already have a visual on screen. Let’s say if you already have a data table and you wanted to add another visual on the screen.

  1. First, right-click anywhere on the visualization page.
  2. Click “Create Detailed Visualization”.

From the Insert Menu

By clicking on “Insert”, which is in the middle toward the left side of Spotfire.

Go to “Visualization”,

Note: You can also access “Recommended Visualization” through this way as well.

Boom! And that’s the last way to get the visualizations.

I personally use the second option the most. In the next blog I’ll go into more detail as to why I prefer this choice more. Hopefully, this has helped you out a bit to navigate this amazing tool of Spotfire!

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