Day: July 10, 2017

CRISP-DM: Modeling

Welcome to the next installment of our Analytics Journey, which explores how we at apply the CRISP-DM method to our Data Science process. Previously, we looked at an overview of the methodology as a whole as well as the Business UnderstandingData Understanding, and Data Preparation stages.  Next, we examine the Modeling stage.

We have finally reached the fun part!  We have reached the step where we can move from a descriptive look back to a predictive look forward.  In the Data Understanding phase, we discussed the 80-20 rule, which states that data professionals spend 80% of their time cleaning data, akin to the tedious hours of practice preparing for the big game.  Hopefully, we have shown through phenomena like Simpson’s Paradox that even the Data Understanding/Preparation stages can bring intriguing insight; however, the Modeling stage represents the true opportunity and most intellectually stimulating phase.

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Create a Custom KPI in Spotfire using jQuery

Are you looking to spice up your Spotfire dashboard with a custom KPI? One easy way to do this is to utilize value boxes in your dashboard. Value boxes allow you to display numeric or text values from Spotfire dynamic items or property controls. These are not only a great way to improve the visual quality of your dashboard, but also a great way to highlight important summary information for your users.

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