Month: August 2016

Default Color Schemes for a Specific Column

  • Are you a Spotfire business author or dashboard developer for your company?
  • Do you often use the same columns throughout your visualizations?
  • Do you typically set a standard color scheme for each value in a column?
  • Are you tired of manually setting your document color scheme only to have the colors revert back to a Spotfire default?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this tip is for you!

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Spotfire Expressions — writing custom expressions on the y axis

  • Do you want to learn more about the Spotfire expression language?
  • Do you have difficulty getting calculated columns to respond to filtering?
  • Do you wonder why there are so many custom expression options in the right click menus?

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Guest Spotfire blogger residing in Whitefish, MT.  Working for SM Energy’s Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technology team!

Spotfire Expressions — 2 ways to write expressions with OVER and node navigation

  • Would you like to learn more about the Spotfire expression language?
  • Are you having difficulty getting the right level of detail in your calculations?
  • Are you struggling with calculated columns?

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Guest Spotfire blogger residing in Whitefish, MT.  Working for SM Energy’s Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technology team!

Upgrading Spotfire 7.0 to 7.6 (High Level)

This is a quick guide for upgrading to the latest version of Spotfire. I’m going to write this at a high-level so that Spotfire admins can benefit from a brief installation guide.

  1. Apply the latest hotfix to Spotfire 7.0.1 (HF-007 in my case)
    1. Download hotfix package
    2. Turn off Spotfire server
    3. Run hotfix.bat
    4. Turn on Spotfire server to check
  2. Install Spotfire 7.6
    1. Pick a new port
    2. Remember those node ports from the installation
    3. Run the upgrade tool
  3. Upgrade Spotfire upgrade tool

At this point I want to talk about some debugging I did:

  • After executing the upgrade tool, I got a fatal error saying that there was a duplicate row in the groups database. The duplicate row was the Automation Services group. At the expense of AS, I decided to go into the Administration Manager and simply delete that group. I’m not sure if AS will work after the upgrade but that was OK for me.
  • I got a bunch of warnings after the installation, one saying that I must install a MySQL5 database driver. I’ll check this afterward.

After the database has been successfully upgraded

  1. Run nm-setup.exe from the 7.6 installation folder
  2. Go into the deployment section of <your server>:<your port>/
  3. Upload the 7.6 deployment
  4. Upload the node deployment


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Including Point Sets in 3D Subsurface Visualization

A point is a spot in space. In the world of geologic mapping, or mapping in general, it is represented by co-ordinates: X, Y on a plane; and X, Y, Z in 3-dimensions.

Using 3D Subsurface Visualization, it is easy to identify/add a point in a spatial environment for reservoir management or geologic applications – marking a pick location of interest. A point can be marked along a wellbore, on a surface, in a seismic imagery, or in an empty space. What defines the positioning of a point is its X, Y, Z co-ordinates.

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Theodore Etukuyo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and an Associate Degree in Petroleum Engineering Technology.