Month: November 2015

Spotfire and SharePoint

Here’s where the sum’s greater than the parts.

When TIBCO combined the titan-like powers of Spotfire 4.0 and Microsoft SharePoint, they unleashed more than they bargained for with SharePoint WebPart.  I’ve found that the integration of these platforms has more going for it than just leveraging visualizations and sharing them across industry-wide teams.

The real revolution is in data analysis and collaboration.

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Delivering a Cohesive Financial Dashboard

Financial dashboards can be tricky.

Most analysts have the information they need but the problem is there’s no uniformity in the sources. You might have data that’s formatted differently or from some other software. And all these disparate sources need to be merged together somehow to create a final report. Let me give you some examples from my own experience:

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Creating well paths from control points

Well paths encode the trajectory and curvature of a wellbore – oftentimes tailored to avoid drilling hazards, improve productivity and reservoir contact, and reduce costs of drilling. There are consequently many factors that go into creating an ideal or optimized well path that reflect play characteristics, technology improvements, regional drilling environments and historical drilling performance. While there are many tools that provide functionality for designing wellbores, none have the ability to adapt to the drilling landscape and capture the historical performance statistics for a vendor or company. Enter Spotfire and its ad-hoc data and compute model.

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You’ll conquer the present suspiciously fast if you smell of the future….and stink of the past.