Update to Troubleshooting Long Load Times

A few months ago, I authored this post on troubleshooting long load times.  There is now an even easier way to figure out which tables are slow loaders.  As of version 7.12, this information is available in the Help menu — Support Diagnostics and Logging.  Go to the Diagnostic Information tab and scroll down to the Application Information section.  The load time information will be at the bottom of that section.  It will tell you how long each table is taking to load.


Comparing Dates in Spotfire Information Links

One of the first temptations in using an information link is to incorporate a Document Property that you set in the analysis. This allows the user to input a date, refresh the data, and receive a subset of the data. This is especially valuable when dealing with data sets with rows that number in the millions. These parameterized information links become very important and I wanted to share with you a quick “gotcha” in the process.

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Rank Sorting a Spotfire Gantt Chart’s by the X-axis

Recently, a client reached out to see if I could help re-order the categorical Y-axis of their gantt chart by the numerical value on the X-axis. The client wanted the Y- axis ordered by the date of the first occurrence of an event. As the chart descended on the Y-Axis, the values would get larger on the X-axis. To do so took some trickery and an outsmarting of Spotfire–the methods which I will share here. Solving the problem left me with two learned lessons:

  1. How to re-order a Gantt Chart’s (or any Scatter Plot’s) categorical Y-axis by the value on the X-axis.
  2. Bonus trick: how to “white-out” an axis label so that it doesn’t show, while other labels remain.

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